As we age, our cells turn old, and skin problems arise. That is why Skinery & Skin purify your body from head to toe with our exfoliating glove. It is made with 100% Visco, a natural plant fabric that is eco-friendly and sustainable. It secretly glows your skin without using any harsh material on gloves. Our exfoliating gloves is a warm water activator, with the used of warm water it will remove all your skin impurities such as removing dead skin cell, remove fake, correct dark pigmentation, may lighten up your skin, aim to fade stretch mark & scars, smoothest dry & flaky skin. The good thing about our exfoliating glove is that it is washable and reusable.

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Skinery & Skin Exfoliating gloves are 100% Visco which is a natural plant fiber that is eco-friendly and sustainable. In addition, it is known to be the gentlest material for body scrubbing. For this reason, the silk-textured fabric is great to use on sensitive skin and sensitive areas of the body. It will not irritate your skin and safe to use.