Skinery & Skin Exfoliating Glove purify your body with our exfoliating glove. It is made with 100% Visco, a natural plant fabric that is eco-friendly and sustainable. It secretly glows your skin without using any harsh material on gloves. Our exfoliating glove is a warm water activator, with the used of warm water it will remove all your skin impurities.        
Skinery and Skin Portable paper hand sanitizer soap is made up of purest and finest hygiene paper soap that cleans and remove dirt on to your hands. It is very convenient & compact perfect for outdoor or travel.
Skinery and skin x HMBS JEWELRY is a handmade crystal stone jewelry that showcase personalized necklace with the choice of your pendant that can be replace depending on you mood.  Stone & stainless steel gold plated necklace, bracelet, earring and rings.
 ✔Stainless steel Gold plated material
✔ NON Tarnish 
✔ Does Not Change Color ✔ Can Be Worn in Water 
✔ 100% Quality Guaranteed
Perfect gift for you friends and love one’s. Great gift idea for birthday, anniversary, graduation gift, thank you gift, couple best friend necklace gift.
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