What makes our glove unique?

An easier way to wash off all your skin impurities is made with 100% Visco, a natural plant fiber that is eco-friendly and sustainable. In addition, it is painless compared to others with harsh exfoliating material on it.

You can evenly see the result for the first time as when you used our exfoliating gloves. You can see the dead skin and dirt visibly roll off onto your skin, leaving you with soft and glowy skin. Our glove is also washable and reusable and does not harm the environment. 

How often do skinery and skin gloves exfoliating use? 

Weekly exfoliate with our exfoliating glove to refresh the skin and throw away the impurities of your skin.

When is the right time for exfoliating?

Please take a shower under luke water that you could withstand. Then, when you started to sweat, this is the right time to use the exfoliating glove for enjoyable exfoliation.

How should I keep the maintenance of skinery and skin exfoliating gloves?

Handwash the gloves in warm water with any soap and rinse it out. Do not use WASH MACHINE or DRY MACHINE.

Should I use soap, body wash, or oil with skinery and skin exfoliating gloves?

The answer is NO. There is no need to use any of that, our exfoliating glove work with direct friction on your skin. Also, putting cream or any soup will affect the exfoliating process.

Can I use Skinery and Skin exfoliating gloves when I am sunburn or with open wounds?

It is not recommended to use as it may damage your skin, causing more skin problems.

When do I need to replace my skinery and skin exfoliating gloves?

We recommend you replace your gloves every two months to ensure proper hygiene.

Why am I not peeling?

The amount of skin peeling will depend on the skin type you have. Dry skin tends to peel more than oily ones.

How can I make wholesale orders with packaging?

Please email us @skinerandskin@yahoo.com put into your subject "WHOLESALE ORDER" or DM us via Instagram @skinerandskin. A member of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.